Eternal Spring

284119_10150250004623170_607563169_7587049_5324629_nLeaves blown by the chilling northern wind rustle along the brown grass of winter. The sky is grey with despair. The isolating feeling of winter is here. Gone are the lazy summer days when a gentle warm breeze would bring a smile to being alive. Gone are the star filled nights when crickets were in full concert. Now, there is only bleakness everywhere. Soon, the snow-filled clouds will spread a cold layer of white to hide any trace of a better season.

Grieving for a loved one can be like a summer lost as the seasons transcend to winter. The isolation and despair can be overwhelming and the chilling loneliness seemingly more than you can bear. As the winter of death sets in and changes the familiar, there seems to be no hope, only despair.

Yet, deep within is that spark of remembrance, that warmth of memories that can never be lost. Cherish them, as they remove the cold bleakness of winter, for they are your Eternal Spring.


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