Anytime Now

A loved one dies…a husband or wife; a daughter or son; a father or mother…. The routine of life as you have know it is altered forever. Grieving becomes a full time process and the pain of loss is constantly present.

You think…anytime now, he or she will come walking through the door or they will be calling to let you know they are running a little late. You want to wake up; to be rid of this nightmare…and you will just as soon as the phone rings or the door swings open. Eventually, with the passing of time, you realize that there is no nightmare; they won’t be calling or coming through the door.

They are gone from your life…but not from the thoughts of your heart. They will always be there to talk to, to remember those days of “Anytime now.”


One response to “Anytime Now

  1. As always, you have touched my heart. I find myself waiting for the phone call, or the door opening and he walks in. I’ve often thought about something I want to share with him when I get home and realize, he’s not there. It is a nightmare that I won’t wake up from but he will always be in my heart! Thanks for the post!

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