The Greatest Loss

DSC01326 - CopyIt is said that the greatest loss is never to have loved. You could avoid the pain of saying goodbye by never saying hello. You could avoid the pain that comes with loving someone, perhaps. You could exist without really living.

Loving someone…a spouse, a parent, a son or daughter…makes our life complete. Together, there is laughter, tears and belonging…completeness. It is hard to say goodbye when the time comes, but just think what you would have missed by never having said hello. Cherish the memories of loving someone.


One response to “The Greatest Loss

  1. I have a friend who lost her oldest child at the age of 23. He was a month away from his 24th birthday. She said had she known that she would only have him on earth for 23 year and had the choice to have him or not, she would not hesitate to have those 23 years with him. They were 23 precious years and she wouldn’t trade them for anything!

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