The First Christmas Season without Them

The day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. This day is depicted as happy and cheerful as we count off the days to Christmas. For most families, this is the case. For some families, this is the first Christmas season without their loved one.

This season will be a struggle for them as they try to make the best of it. Maybe, it was a child who was lost and there are other siblings in the home. As much as the parents would like to shut down, they need to be there for their children.

Maybe, the one missing is a spouse of many years or for a short time. The children are grown or there was not time enough to start a family. For the spouse left behind, the Christmas season is as black and threatening as the worst storm one could imagine.

For some, a mother or father is now missing. Memories of Christmas’s past haunt the present season. The one who raised you and shared with you the joy and comfort of the season is gone.

Others have lost a grandparent or other family members and for them the season takes on a sober and sad mood as the impact of their loss is enlarged by the Christmas season.

For everyone, at some point, the first Christmas season without a loved one becomes a reality. Understanding friends and family members are very important support during this time. Being alone is necessary to a point, but too much aloneness works against the grieving process.

If this Christmas is a first for you without your loved one, make sure you have an understanding support system in place that will be able to empathize with your loss and help you to walk through the days and nights ahead.


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