We Remember and We Smile


Saying goodbye is like watching a ship sail away. The more you watch, the smaller the ship becomes until it is only a small dot on the horizon. Then, in a moment, the ship is gone and there’s only the meeting of the sky and the sea.

Goodbyes bring sadness and loneliness into our lives. We hold back the tears in order to appear brave for the moment. As the days pass, the sadness finds a place in our life. We adjust to the loss. We learn to smile through our tears and there comes a day when the tears are less. We remember and we smile.



One response to “We Remember and We Smile

  1. This is beautiful. It express ones feelings in a magical way when it comes to leave someone for a time and say goodbye or even when a person leaves with death. Sometimes when someone dies we don’t cry, just to be brave. But then all that agony hits us, with everything we could have said to that person and every little moment of happiness that you had with that person. I recently graduated so I’m in an university, an university that is very very far from my friends. I never cried, at the beginning. But we did a class reunion to know how things were going and when it was time to leave that night I started to cry, ’cause I remember how they made me feel, how they made me laugh, beacause they are the only ones that make me laugh ’till it hurts, and saying goodbye knowing how much I love them made me remember how happy and lucky I am to have them and I realize that I was trying to be strong and hold back the tears, but they caught up to me. And crying made me smile.

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