Focus on the Positive

Grief has as many definitions as those who experience loss. Each situation is different, with its own tears and regrets. There are memories that bring a smile and there are those that add to the pain of the moment.

There will always be something that will want to haunt us; something we did or didn’t do, something we said or didn’t say. It isn’t until loss occurs that we become aware of these moments that seek to destroy us. Their greatest threat is that, now, we can do nothing about it. It’s too late for deeds or words, too late for “I’m sorry.”

Is any of it even necessary? Most of the negatives that accompany grief are created or enlarged by a mind that is grieving over the loss of a loved one. Most of it is not reality and unnecessary. It has no purpose, but to make one miserable.

Be aware, be careful of the negatives that slip in and linger during the grieving process. Dismiss anything that tries to weigh you down. Focus, rather, on the positive and find reason to celebrate the life of your loved one.


2 responses to “Focus on the Positive

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  2. Sometimes part of the healing is learning to forgive yourself for the things you might regret.

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