Grieving is not a Disease

DSC01299All too often, I see an article written about a treatment for grief which makes grieving appear as an ailment to overcome. Grieving alone is hard to bear without confusion from the outside. Grieving is painful, but grieving is not a disease in need of treatment.

Grieving is simply the result of loving someone and grieving begins when that someone is or soon will be gone from our earthly life. To avoid grieving, you simply avoid loving, for to love someone is to someday grieve for them.

Grieving lasts a lifetime and though painful at first, eventually finds a place in our live as did our love for them. Simply put, grieving is an expression of loving someone who is no longer present in our life.


One response to “Grieving is not a Disease

  1. Many, many, many people act as if you DO have a contagious, fatal disease and will avoid all contact with those of us in the depths of grief when in truth, we need a strong friend to come along side of us and support us. If this were a disease I know I would be actively seeking a remedy to get to where it is replaced by peace. Not there yet.

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