The Robins of Spring

Outside my window yesterday, I spotted a large flock of robins. Their reddish-orange breasts were a welcome sight against the white snow of late winter. Many of them were snuggled in an evergreen tree; so many that the tree was moving with their presence.

I smiled and a tear found it’s way down my face as I remembered a time past when I had spotted the robins of spring and was able to share the sight with my mother. I thought of her and my heart missed her as if it were yesterday and she was here with me. For a moment my mother and the robins of spring were here once more, if only in my heart.


One response to “The Robins of Spring

  1. The hurt of missing them never leaves us, does it? We just learn to live with it and the slightest thing can bring it all back in an instant. Hugs to you, dear friend.

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