I Wish

When a loved one dies and their physical presence is no longer here, oh how we wish they were, just once more. There is an old saying that “You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry.” How true when the source is no longer here.

“I wish…” over and over…”I wish I could hold them once more”…”I wish I could hear their voice”…I wish I could tell them how much I love them”…I wish I could hug them just once more.” We all say it; we all think it; we all wish we could see them and hug them and talk to them…just once more.

Maybe, that is why so many choose a memory bear. Made from the loved one’s clothing, a memory bear is therapeutic, representing that someone missed…here to be held, to be hugged, to talk to in those quiet and lonely times. Think back to that precious and ever-present teddy bear of early days…bringing comfort to the heart of a child. Think about a memory bear bringing comfort to a grieving heart…”I wish…”


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