Too Young…Too Soon

EPSON scanner imageFive years after my son’s death, I am doing okay. There are times when I start to cry without even thinking about Jon. Sometimes, I see or hear something that may bring a few tears and a memory; other times I cry without any prompt.

It’s not something I worry about. I think grief has become part of me, as my son is part of me. Both are with me, as one goes with the other. I celebrate Jon’s life and I am proud he is my son. I say “is my son” because he didn’t stop being my son when he died. He is my son who died, too young, too soon.


3 responses to “Too Young…Too Soon

  1. God knows the deepest hurt and loss of a beloved child. The Lord is near. Hugs in Jesus…

  2. Sending a hug and prayer from my heart to yours as the Father comforts you and counts every tear you shed….

  3. This caught my eye in my inbox and I just wanted to say I wish I could give you a hug. May 31 will be 5 years since my son Jake (16) died. I always still say “is my son” also. They will always be our boys, they’re just in a different place now. Waiting for us! Big hugs to you.

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