A Mother’s Love


206 - Copy - Copy

I listened as the words became mine…as the sorrow of a mother poured out. She held him in her arms all through the long night. She wanted her baby boy to live with all the hope her heart could dare. She wanted to see his smiling eyes in the coming dawn.

They had held and cared for him this past year as best they knew how. They surrounded him with love and hoped with every beat of his heart that he would get better. The days and months passed. There were times of joy and hope, but each one overshadowed with the seemingly inevitable day when they would have to let go…to say goodbye to their son. A year went by and the day came…uninvited.

I held my child through the night as tears traced their way down my cheek. I asked the good Lord to make him better…to let him stay with us. The clock ticked the seconds away as I held him in my arms…asking, pleading for his life. Then, in the silence before the dawn, I realized, with tears flowing, that I must let him go. I cried as the angels came and carried my son to a better place. I cried as he flew with the angels to his heavenly home. For each of us, he will always be in our lives and in our hearts.

~for every mother who has let go a child~


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