Your Memory Bear is Personal

032At first glance, one might think that I run a business of making stuffed bears for customers. Yes, a bear is requested, created and shipped. That sure sounds commercial, doesn’t it?

Here’s where commercial bites the dust. The bears I create are made from the clothing of a spouse, child, parent or another loved one in a family. The bear is requested by a family member because their loved one has passed away.

When a loved one dies, the family is left with earthly reminders that they were here: a favorite shirt, a dress, or other item of clothing. This clothing becomes the material that a bear is created from. These are the memories that become their memory bear; a bear they can hold and hug while they remember.

When a family member makes the decision to have a memory bear made, I speak to them personally on the phone in order to understand their wishes and their loss. This is where the creation of a memory bear becomes personal to me. You see, I have the honor of helping a family cope with their loss.

With each death, there is the pain of separation and loss. I want the family to know that their loved one’s clothing and memory is treated with respect. I call to let the family know when I have received the clothing and I call them when their memory bear is shipped. Often, the initial and on-going conversations are a chance for the family member to talk about their grief and pain. Your memory bear is personal.


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