Seems Like Only Yesterday

“Memory Bears by Bonnie” …It seems like only yesterday since the first post was published. They have been about death and dying and the fragility of this life we live. I have always encouraged readers to make the most of the time given and to create as much quality as possible in life and relationships. It is so easy to become complacent as we go day to day.

The memory bears are finding their way to various families across the United States. I believe they will not only bring comfort now, but many years from now, even to the next generation, becoming  heirlooms in the family’s history.

To everyone who has lost someone, “Memory Bears by Bonnie” will continue to bring thoughts, guidance and support regarding death and dying, grief and the loss of a loved one. To those who want a 22” memory bear made from their loved ones clothing, I am waiting to talk with you about your loss and request for a memory bear(s). Your personal request will be created with love and concern for your loss. I am familiar with loss and the lasting effect it has on you.


2 responses to “Seems Like Only Yesterday

  1. My memory bear has dried many tears and withstood huggings so hard I thought it would never be the same. But, it survived. And so am I. Thank you again for your posts and comfort. Hugs**

  2. What a wonderful ministry of love and comfort you have provided to so many people, Bonnie.

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