Time to Grieve, to Cry, to Think and Remember

A loved one passes away and the world, for a moment seems to stop. Arrangements have to be made, papers have to be dealt with, family and friends are everywhere; there seems to be no time to actually realize this is happening, no time to understand that your loved one is gone.

After the initial loss, there are smaller losses, which are all part of closure. Cleaning out a closet, re-arranging a room, making decisions without them, are some of the things eventually done to be able to move on.

The hardest part anyone has in requesting Memory Bears is in parting with their loved ones clothing. That article of clothing that was favored by your loved one will need to be cut and patterned to create the memory bear.

One important thought to remember is that there is no hurry; there are no deadlines to meet for any of the events that follow the death and burial of your loved one. You need time to grief, to cry, to think, to remember.

Take the time for it and the memories are most important right now.


2 responses to “Time to Grieve, to Cry, to Think and Remember

  1. These words are so true. I just lost my mom that lived with my husband and me. We had hospice care in our home, with me being her main caregiver, with my husband’s help. The pain was deeper than anything I have ever experienced, however, the love we were surrounded with was also the most amazing I have ever felt.
    Everything I see reminds me of her.

    May God bless you and continue to work through you:-)

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