Always With Us

When someone dies, the event is often referred to as a loss. In a sense this is true as their physical presence is no longer with us. We can no longer see or hear them…we cannot touch them and hold them close. Their physical presence is lost to us, but they are always with us in our hearts and our memories. In this way, we never lose them. In this way, they are always with us.


2 responses to “Always With Us

  1. Not only that Bonnie, if we have a Memory Bear like “David’s Bear” up there on the right we have so much more.

    We can hold our bear, talk to him when the pain gets bad, sing “our song,” snuggle up at bedtime. The list goes on.

    Your Memory Bears bring more than words can say to those of us who have lost someone we love.

    blessings ~ maxi

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