Remembering An Anniversary

When someone we love passes away from our presence, all that we have left are the memories. The calendar takes on a whole new meaning as we recall a birthday, an anniversary, a special moment in their life. The moment we wish weren’t there is the anniversary of their death. Today is that day for us.

Jon n Tracey 2006 - Copy1a

Five years ago, our son, Jon, passed away, a victim of cancer. He was 45. Our grieving is more settled now, but the fact that he is no longer here weighs just as heavy on our hearts and minds.

For each memory we are grateful. For having known him, we are thankful. Jon is at rest now from his illness and the cares of this life. He may not be here as we would like him to be, but he is in our hearts and minds and will always be. We can walk on the back roads of our memory anytime and relive our moments…our memories…our life with our son, Jon.


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