Grieving without Regrets

With grieving, comes regrets; wishing we would have done or said this or that; or that we hadn’t done or said this or that. Regrets can catch us up one way or the other. Why is it so easy to regret? Consider the fact that we are imperfect and no matter how hard we try to do and say everything right; we fall short.

That being the case, how much time do you think we should waste on regrets? As little time as possible and only to learn from them for the tomorrows to come. For the yesterdays gone, we can only let regrets go and realize that is what your loved one would want you to do. Grieving is tough enough.


2 responses to “Grieving without Regrets

  1. You are so right – grieving is so hard, why add to it with regrets. I know all about this – I had so many when my mom died. I had to let go before I could grieve.

  2. Thanks, needed to hear this message now.

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