Saying Goodbye Isn’t Easy


Saying goodbye to a loved one isn’t easy and letting go is hard to do. For those of us left behind, we mourn their loss and we grieve their absence.

Have you ever thought what dying is like? Is it hard to do…to say goodbye…to let go and not be here to take care of their loved ones anymore.

We can only imagine what it is like to die. We only know how hard it is to be left behind. It is a helpless moment when someone dies. Saying goodbye isn’t easy.



6 responses to “Saying Goodbye Isn’t Easy

  1. A fine article regarding your bear project, Bonnie. Bless you!

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  3. Butch I just lost my best friend of 35 years…. Never knew grief could be so bad….

  4. Your blog is always about so much more than creating Memory Bears. You’ve provided an amazing resource everyone will have a reason to visit at one time or another. Thank you Bonnie!

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