Beyond Anything I Could Have Imagined


When I began Memory Bears, my hope was to be able to help someone in their grief. My own son was dying from cancer. I was experiencing what it’s like to lose a child. I remember when Jon picked out the clothing he wanted me to use for his bears. He told me who would get each bear. Memory Bears was taking on a whole new depth. I never imagined making bears for my son’s death.

Through my tears, I created Jon’s Bears and many others since then. I always talk to someone from the grieving family when a request for memory bears is made. I want their grief to spill over into my heart because the bears I create for them will be made from my heart. I want to know something about the loved one that this bear will honor.

What I didn’t foresee was the effect each Memory Bear would have on the families. I knew the size of the bear was just right for hugging. I knew the personal clothing would be a comfort to see and feel. What I didn’t realize was the depth the therapeutic effect would have. With my own eyes and from the comments of family members, I have witnessed the effect the Memory Bears have beyond anything I could have imagined.


One response to “Beyond Anything I Could Have Imagined

  1. Bonnie you are so wonderful!!! I’ll never forget how good you were to us when my brother Joe was dying from ALS.

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