Pink Flamingos


The children were presenting a skit at the church about salvation. They were using pink flamingos as their characters for the setting was in Florida.

The children explained that when you are “born again” there is an invisible notice stamped on your forehead that reads, “return to sender.”

I listened as the children explained the gift and permanence of salvation as they spoke through pink flamingos. I was hearing it in their simple, child-like way.

I smiled, remembering that Jesus said, “Unless you become as little children you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” I think what Jesus meant was that many will miss Him because they will look at Him with the mind of an adult.

I think, too often, the intellectual mind of an adult will miss Jesus. We need to hear and see Jesus from the mind and eyes of a child in simple, child-like faith.

Some children with pink flamingos said that return to sender is stamped on the foreheads of believers and with child-like faith, I believe them.


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