The Bear Facts

I have received calls about repairing a bear or completing one. Others have found, as I did, that creating bears is not as easy as it may appear. Beyond bears, for me there is memory bears. Beyond creating a bear is preserving a memory. Beyond a craft is a ministry.

I never thought I would be doing any of this; creating memory bears and publishing on a blog. Contrary to my thoughts, here I am, doing both…and loving it.

A bear was brought to me locally for completion. Another bear came to the shop from the west coast. When I pick up the phone, I never know what I will find at the other end. My bear ministry has provided the answers…so far.

Another week has gone by…another weekend is here. Enjoy. See you Monday.


One response to “The Bear Facts

  1. DAVID’S BEAR, who sits on the top right of this page, is my greatest treasure. He has seen me through every heartache since the loss of my beloved David.

    I will be forever grateful that I was guided to “Memory Bears by Bonnie.”

    blessings to you, bonnie ~ maxi

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