Getting Over it

Grieving is a hard path to walk. The way is filled with pain you’ve never known and loneliness you have never felt. Darkness prevails and the path ahead seems hopeless. There is no going back and no desire to go forward. Like a bad dream or sickness, you wonder when you will be getting over it…waking up and finding the nightmare to be gone. Yet, each day the pain and loss is still there.

Take a moment. Quiet your soul. Accept the reality of the moment. They are gone and you are still here. It’s part of life…part of living and loving and you are in the midst of it all. Realize that grieving is your continued expression of love. Know that there is no getting over it…only finding a place of comfort and peace in your heart as you remember that once, for a little while, you loved someone.


2 responses to “Getting Over it

  1. The end of today’s post reminded me of the line from Camelot….it goes something like, “don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot.” Thank you for reminding me that I was blessed to have known and loved my husband for just over 50 years.
    The bears you made for me and my family are a comfort on a daily basis.
    Thank you.

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