All We Have Left

Sitting here this morning, thinking about when I worked as a certified hospice-nursing assistant. The work was very challenging, but I loved it. I miss the patients and their families. I worked in a hospice house where families could find continuity of care and peace of mind for their loved one.

Once, I took care of a man who grew up in a lighthouse. Maybe, I will write about that someday. No one stayed very long, but we did our best to make it a quality stay while they were there. Their memories will be with me always.

Memories of kids growing up, of families, of friends we knew, that special someone, that first hello, the last goodbye. Sometimes we are with someone for a long time; sometimes it is only for a moment. Once they are gone from our lives, we remember things we may not have thought about before. Memories are important; eventually, they are all we have left.


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