Did I Do All I Could

The rain has let up and the mourners have gone their way. One solitary figure stands by the grave. A tear finds its way down her cheek as she remembers his love. There is one thought that she can’t let go, “Did I do all that I could?”

“Did I do all that I could?” is a question that each mourner asks one way or another, for one reason or another. The loss of someone from this life causes one to reflect back on the time they spent together. Questions form and wonderment appears.

“Did I do all that I could?” Could I have been a better spouse, brother, sister, friend…? What was the last thing I said? What were their last words, thoughts?

No matter how well we love someone, his or her death sets the stage for a negative search. Even if we give ourselves credit in all the right places, the negative thoughts are there; the doubt, the guilt and the regret.

Accept the fact that no matter how much we love someone, it is never perfect; there will always be something we could have done better. The challenge is to focus on the positive, not the negative thoughts. Even if there is cause for regret, what can you do about it now? See it as the best you thought at the time, let it go and focus on your positive thoughts. Choose to be happy with your memories.


One response to “Did I Do All I Could

  1. I needed to hear these words today. Guilt. Regrets. Should have.. Could have.. Why didn’t I know sooner? All of those negative thoughts keep pushing the good memories out and leaves depression in its path. So, thank you Bonnie…I needed this today.

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