Looking in the Rearview Mirror


It has been said that deep grieving is an indication of deep love. This can and often is very true, but deep grieving can also be an indication of regret combined with love.

All too often in life, we go from day to day in a non-focused, taking it for granted mode. The routine of each day lulls us into a habitual, repeated pattern of loving and living.

We lose focus of the moments and pass through them without conscious notice. It’s like when you are driving; you arrive at your destination, but often do not consciously remember the drive. Patterns of habit create these seemingly out of body experiences.

With all of this against us, it is so very important to remember to “stop and smell the roses.” Halt activity for a moment, look in the rearview mirror and see what you have been missing, then back up, re-focus and proceed slowly with conscious effort on what and who are important in your life.


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