Only two letters, but a very big word…If. We can end up saying it often when we make a wrong choice or neglect to do something. “If I’d  paid more attention” “If I’d listened more” “If I’d spent more time”. If…If…If.

Regrets are always summed up by If. Though we cannot reach perfection and there will always be an If now and then, we can strive to eliminate as many Ifs as possible. Let’s try spending more time…paying more attention…listening more. By improving on these, a lot of Ifs will be eliminated from our lives.


One response to “If

  1. Bonnie, thank you. Someone said to me recently “Don’t say ‘if only’, say ‘next time’ … While you wrote about ‘ifs’ it sprang to mind-helpful for those who beat themselves up with regrets. Thanks for sharing. Suz

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