The Confusion of Grieving

There are countless articles and theories concerning grief. You can read about the 5 stages of grief…the 7 stages of grief…when grief should end…how to get over grief…and the confusing reading list goes on. By the time you think you have answers, you have more questions and concerns.

As a child, we all experienced the loss of a pet…a fish…a turtle…a dog or cat. These times of loss were monumental to each of us as a child. We hurt…we missed…we cried…we ached…we sensed an emptiness within. In all, we managed to make it through, yet as the years go by, we find ourselves remembering that pet so dear to us. In a way, as we remember, we miss them still…we grieve still.

Grieving is not and cannot be a distinct period of time. There is the initial shock of loss, but as time passes and the aching and tears subside, we will always find ourselves remembering and grieving still. Your grief is yours and yours alone. Cherish your grief as you cherished the one for whom you grieve.



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