A Keepsake for Generations

Why Memory Bears? How will that help my grief? How is that going to replace my loved one? Bears are for little kids are they not. What would my friends think?

These are some of the questions and concerns regarding the use of a stuffed bear to remember someone by. These are some of the answers to those questions.

A stuffed bear is recognized as a child’s toy. If you have ever watched a child with a bear, you will see that the bear gets a lot of huggin’; a lot of lovin’. The instinct to hug does not end with childhood. A memory bear made from a loved one’s clothing will get a lot of huggin’; a lot of lovin’.  Memory Bears are very therapeutic with grief and loss.

A memory bear will not replace your loved one. Nothing or no one will. Memory bears only help you to remember as you hug that favorite shirt or dress, etc.

I have watched, over and over again, the moment when someone picks up their memory bear for the first time. The tear going down their cheek says it all as they, without hesitation, hold their bear close to them. I know, at that moment, their memory bear is going to get a lot of “huggin”; a lot of lovin’.

As far as what a friend thinks: if they are truly a friend, they will share the moment with you. You might even have to share your bear with them.

Memory Bears are there to “hold and hug”: a “keepsake” for generations to come.


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