Better Days

Often, we look to better days when life’s road gets rocky and the way is hard to find. We remember when the sun was shining and we were skipping down this road of life. Usually, those better days are the more carefree days of our youth.

Better days can always be found, looking back. We remember, not all details, but those that make us smile. By choice, we create the memories that we want, polishing here and there to have them shine as bright as possible.

It is good to remember the sunshine and, somehow, stop the rain. Sometimes, it is good to remember the rain that challenged us to grow and made us stronger for days ahead. Our lives need both, the sunshine and the rain to know the better days.


One response to “Better Days

  1. I wish I had some clothes from my daughter to have you make 2 bears for the kids .But her husband could not let go of any of her possessions , not one ribbon , not one thing …May be next time I go he will be more open .Much love , Bonnie

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