Your Reason to Go On

There are times in this life when you wonder how you will put one foot in front of the other, times that you cannot prepare for or even foresee, times when you search for a reason to go on. The death of a loved one can be one of those times.

Losing a loved one is not an event anyone looks forward to experiencing. The losses of a father or mother, a brother or sister, an aunt or uncle, a nephew or niece are all losses within the family structure. Each one has its own degree of pain, often depending on the personal relationship each one developed in this life.

When you marry and have children, you begin a new personal level of family that had not existed before. These new relationships create a new level of pain. The loss of a spouse or a child is the greatest family loss you may face in this life. These losses, more than any other, may challenge you to find your reason to go on.

If for no other reason, but for their sake, you will go on…putting one very painful step in front of the other…making it through one painful moment, then an hour, then a day, then another until you find your stride…and through your tears and your pain you will keep going and remembering them until you know that they are your reason to go on.

Happy “Heavenly” Birthday, Jon.

We miss you and luv you.

Mom n Dad



2 responses to “Your Reason to Go On

  1. So sorry. Grieving is SO individual isn’t it? ‘No right or wrong way to grieve’ a wise friend once said. Well said … Take care.

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