A Good Death

Many hear the word hospice and their preconceived idea takes over as they describe hospice as a place where you go to die. Many do not avail themselves of the services of hospice because of it.

As one who worked with patients and families every day in a hospice house, let me set the record straight. Hospice is not about dying, rather hospice is about living the best quality life you can with the least amount of pain. Hospice cannot prevent death, but hospice can help maintain quality and comfort until death arrives.

To die without hospice is to miss the chance to live each hour left as pain free as possible. Hospice defines life, not death. A hospice death is a good death.

“quality of days outweighs quantity of days…

to combine both is to be wise”


One response to “A Good Death

  1. What a lovely way to look at hospice 💗

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