Don’t Take Life For Granted

Death is thought of as a negative event in our culture. Death brings an end to this earthly life. We want life to go on and on, so death is our enemy.

Death is inevitable. Death is unpredictable. Death has no respect of age, sex or position. Death cannot be stopped in the final analysis. Death is inevitable.

It is possible to have a good death. In hospice, a good death was always the goal. You ask, “How can any death be good?”

A good death is one in which a family has time to say goodbye. A good death is one in which the patient is in the least amount of pain and experiencing the greatest level of consciousness possible. A good death is predictable.

A good death is not always possible. There are times when death comes without warning, like a thief in the night. There is no time for goodbye, no time to express any last thoughts and no time to prepare.

To avoid regrets in these situations, live your life as if the person you care about would be gone tomorrow. Say what you want to say, tell them what you want them to know every day. Be open, be honest, be alive to your feelings for them.

Death can come calling for any of us, at any time. Don’t take life for granted.


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