Call Me

Two words that cause us to be nervous and vulnerable….”Call Me.”

Presented with a number to call…to talk to a person you don’t know is not a comfort level for most people. Our guard goes up and we begin to think someone wants something from us…money, commitment…answers. Even though the phone number is the path to what we are interested in, we hesitate to call or we don’t call at all.

Memory Bears by Bonnie is probably one of these moments. My website has a lot of info for someone interested in a Memory Bear, but without the phone call, there is no personalization of the reason for Memory Bears in the first place.

Details, questions and getting to know the circumstance can only be conveyed by a human voice through a phone call. When you call Memory Bears by Bonnie the voice you hear will be non-threatening and open to hear what you have to say.

Having lost my son to cancer, I know your pain…your grief. As a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing Assistant, I have held many a patient’s hand and shared those last moments with many a family member. So, if your ready, call me…I won’t bite.


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