The Tears of Love

Memory Bears by Bonnie

DSC01326 - Copy

Could one go through life and remain unattached emotionally to anyone or anything? Hard to imagine! Maybe it would be easier. There would be no sorrow when loss takes place because there would be no caring involved. It just wouldn’t matter. Hard to imagine not caring for anyone or anything, isn’t it.

By contrast, think of the joy of being involved; being part of someone’s life. The fullness of knowing you care for someone and that someone cares for you. This is the way our lives where meant to be…involved and caring for others.

When loss presents, there is grieving and pain and tears and emptiness for a time, but there is remembrance of those days of caring and being cared for. This life we journey through is all about walking and talking and loving someone along the way. Those tears that fall at the end of the journey are…

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