It’s All We Have

Life is fragile with limited time allotted each one. How much time…only God knows. We each have a free will. We can choose how we will live our life and what we will do with our time.

Time cannot be saved nor can it be put on hold and time is not sensitive to our wishes. Once time passes, it is gone forever. The seconds, minutes and hours of each day are all that we have. There is no promise of tomorrow, no guarantee that any of us will have more than this moment.

Think about this…what you say, do and think or what you don’t say, do or think in any given moment of the day is recorded in time and cannot be erased and the moment is gone forever.

What a great responsibility it is to have an allotment of time and a free will to choose how to spend that time. How precious is each second…of each minute…of each hour…of each day.

Don’t you think it’s very important to do our very best to get it right?

It’s all we have.



One response to “It’s All We Have

  1. Love this reminder to live. I have always done what others tell me to do, but this year has been a turning point for me.

    My life is God-breathed and I don’t want to waste a minute of it out of His direction.

    Life IS precious.

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