Guilt and Regret Will Take Your Life

“My heart is a garden where the river of tears flows,

Near a house broken with guilt and worn through the years.

A bridge of heartache crossed many times is nearby,

The forest of pain, overgrown with failure, is dense with regret.”

Copyright ©2011 All Rights Reserved


The loss of someone we love is hard enough without the burdens of guilt and regret. Guilt and regret are vultures that eat at your mind and soul…they destroy memories and friendships…they bring darkness and misery…they take your life while you are still alive. All anyone can do is the best they can do each day. All anyone can do is to make the best of the time given.

Having done all you can do…

smile through your tears…

and find comfort in the warm blanket of memories.


“May your memories linger always”


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