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As God Provides

Memory Bears

Requests come in from families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. They are hurting and need to express their love for someone who has died. A memory bear is an ongoing comfort for them. Created from their loved one’s clothing, a Memory Bear is there to hold and hug as they remember.

My Hospice Experience

As a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing Assistant, I gained valuable insight into the world of death and dying. In sharing some of my thoughts and experiences from those moments, I hope to help others who face the issues of death and dying. The dynamics of an expected death play out with all the functions and dysfunctions of life itself as families come to terms with the finality of life.

The Ministry

The creating of Memory Bears and the sharing of what I learned as a CHPNA, is an opportunity to help others as God provides.


A Treasure to Hold

When a loved one dies, we, more than anything, want to hold them once more. We find a favorite article of clothing and, with tear-filled eyes, hold it close.

A Memory Bear is made from your loved one’s clothing. The bear is about 22″ long and just right for hugging. Always there for you, a memory bear is truly a treasure to hold.

Life is Fragile

Life is fragile.

Yesterday is gone

Tomorrow is yet to be

Today is what we have

Life is fragile.

Jona  1992 – 2019

Rest In Peace, Jona

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Our 27 year old granddaughter, Jona Kay, died in a car accident.

There are no words.

Rest in Peace, Jona

Jona Kay Wright

1992 – 2019


Learning to Smile Through Our Tears

Grief is a valley that all of us must walk through during our earthly life. We will know and love friends and family and from time to time, we must say our earthly goodbyes. Our time is fleeting and we do well to use it wisely.

Remembering a loved one is hard at first, for they are no longer here to hold, to hug, to say, “I love you.” Remembering is something we want to do, but it hurts so much at first. As the days go by, we face the pain remembering brings. We learn to look for them in our hearts and we learn to smile through our tears.