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Unwelcome, Unavoidable and Misunderstood

If I were to define something as “unwelcome, unavoidable and misunderstood”, it would be grief. No one has ever welcomed it into his or her life nor has anyone been able to avoid its presence. For the most part, grief has been misunderstood and this lack of understanding has created more grief than necessary.

For so many, there has been someone there telling them that they should be over their grief by now. This well-intended person with misinformation has created and continues to create a greater grief and guilt for those who mourn.

Grief is a deep sorrow over losing someone you love. Saying to someone that he or she should be over their grief is like saying that they should be over their love for that person. Looking at it this way, grief is not something anyone gets over. Grief, like love, becomes a functional part of their life.


A Special Bear

At first glance, a memory bear looks pretty much like any 22” stuffed teddy bear. The difference is; a memory bear is created from the personal clothing of your loved one who has passed away. This is how a bear truly becomes a memory bear.

Memory Bears are therapeutic, but you will never believe until your personal memory bear is in your arms. Before you realize it, you are hugging this new friend. You smile through your tears as you remember the one who wore the clothes.

For all of us, remembering a loved one is bitter-sweet. The pain becomes tolerable, the heartache lessens, but the tears of remembering will always be there. Some days a smile to warm your heart, other days some tears to soften the pain. For some, there is a memory bear…to hold and hug…as you remember.


Have you ever noticed how blogs age. One reads today’s blog, maybe yesterdays and the day before, but what about six months ago; a year ago.

For those who grieve and have the time, there is an archive of information on this blog that may help you. I hope you find just what you need.

If you think about it, we are like blogs. We live and experience; we gain wisdom; we grow old, joining the multitude of seniors in our society.

Maybe, if we’re blessed, someone recognizes that we have an archive of information that we have gathered through the years. Mostly, we are seen as old; someone sees only our “today.” They don’t take the time to look at our “yesterdays” and find within a wealth of information that may help them.

“We may live in the present, but we learn from the past.”

(a memory bear thought)

While You Remember

In this life, there are beginnings and endings; a time to say hello and a time to say goodbye; a time of gain and a time of loss. It is during this time of loss when remembering your loved one becomes important.

Memory Bears are made from your loved one’s clothing and are there for you to “hold and hug” while you remember.

As You Remember

A memory bear is always there to hold and hug as you remember.