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The Greatest Loss

Loss of a job, loss of a marriage, loss of a home, loss of a family pet, all bring us to tears. Losing a loved one, be it family, a friend or a neighbor brings even greater pain to us. All of these losses are difficult and leave an emptiness in our heart.

The loss of a spouse is unimaginable. From the newly married to those celebrating 50+ years together; losing the very one you have chosen to spend your life with seemingly takes away the very breath of life. The earlier it happens, the greater the loss of fulfillment is as you are left wondering what the years ahead would have been like.

The loss that is the greatest of all is the loss of an unfulfilled life: the loss of a child. The younger the child, the greater the loss of fulfillment is. The death of any child cannot be measured; ask any parent. The pain and the grief are beyond words; beyond thought.

Some will suffer through all of these losses: others, only some of them. Each of us will experience at least one. For every birth, there is a death; for every hello, a goodbye.

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away. (Revelation 21:4)

Keep It Simple

Grief can be complicated if you let it. Keep in mind that your grief is an expression of the love you have for someone who is no longer here.

Though they are gone, your grief is here to stay. Eventually, those feeling of loss will find a functional place in your life through the smiles and tears of memories.

Don’t let your grief  be overcome with complications. Allow yourself the time and expression your grief needs. Let your tears flow. Keep it simple.

A Lasting Memory for the Next Generation.

You have today because of yesterday. Looking back at your heritage and discovering your ancestors is an interesting and, sometimes, surprising journey. Some information is found and some information is lost to the ages. Knowing where you come from is important. Generations after you are relying on the records you can pass forward to them.

Tangible objects are handed down through generations as keep sakes. Many of these keep sakes have financial value. All of the keep sakes have personal and emotional value. They are a way of having a link to someone who has gone before.

Memory bears, made from your loved one’s clothing, are keep sakes that have personal and emotional value. They are there “to hold and hug,” as you remember a loved one.

Memories are priceless.

“May your memories linger always”


The Smiles of Yesterday

In the shadow of a memory,
There is shade enough to rest.
Remembering how it used to be,
Neath the smiles of yesterday.

Memories are the warm fires of a snowy evening, causing us to smile and taking us back to a time and a place in the summers of yesterday. We smile, through the tears, as we remember.

If there is a memory bear near your side, I promise you will hug it with the love you feel for your loved one, as you remember.

Echoes of Silence


Echoes of the silence

Ringing in my ears.

Voices of another time,

Sounds of yester year.


Memories of long ago,

Portraits from the day.

Hearts were once together,

Now gone separate ways.


Reflections of yesterday,

Flashing in my mind.

Simpler times, youthful times,

Left so far behind.


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