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Book of Memories

Memories written on the pages of those left behind are a testament to a life lived and shared. Some memories remembered more, some less and some memories forgotten between the pages of our lives.

We write our book of memories as we live each hour of every day. The words we share and those never spoken, the deeds we do and those left undone forever written on its pages. The memories recorded are what we make them to be.


A Special Bear

At first glance, a memory bear looks pretty much like any 22” stuffed teddy bear. The difference is; a memory bear is created from the personal clothing of your loved one who has passed away. This is how a bear truly becomes a memory bear.

Memory Bears are therapeutic, but you will never believe until your personal memory bear is in your arms. Before you realize it, you are hugging this new friend. You smile through your tears as you remember the one who wore the clothes.

For all of us, remembering a loved one is bitter-sweet. The pain becomes tolerable, the heartache lessens, but the tears of remembering will always be there. Some days a smile to warm your heart, other days some tears to soften the pain. For some, there is a memory bear…to hold and hug…as you remember.

To Remember

A loved one passes away and the world, for a moment seems to stop. Arrangements have to be made, papers have to be dealt with, family and friends are everywhere; there seems to be no time to actually realize this is happening, no time to understand that your loved one is gone.

After the initial loss, there are smaller losses, which are all part of closure. Cleaning out a closet, re-arranging a room, making decisions without them, are some of the things eventually done to be able to move on.

The hardest part anyone has in ordering memory Bears is in parting with their loved ones clothing. That article of clothing that was favored by your loved one will need to be cut and patterned to create the memory bear.

One important thought to remember is that there is no hurry; there are no deadlines to meet for any of the events that follow the death and burial of your loved one. You need time to grief, to cry, to think, to remember.

A Box on the Porch

A box on the porch…within a family’s memory. “Would you make four memory bears from this clothing? He always wore them; they were his favorite. Keep the stains if you would for he was always painting something.”

Memories are what we cherish, what we hold on to when someone we love departs this earth. Their clothing becomes that which we run to feel closer to them. Family after family share with me how they hold and hug and even talk to their memory bears.

There is within all of us the need to hold and hug a loved one’s clothing when they are no longer with us. The family doesn’t know it yet, but the memory bears they have asked me to create will become some of their greatest treasures.

Go for the Gold

When I create a Memory Bear for a family, I want caring thoughts and quality to go into the making of that bear. I want the bear to be something that family will treasure for years to come.

We can approach life in the same way by living each day with caring thoughts and quality words and action. We should go for the gold each day. Saying and doing while we can beats regretting when it’s too late.