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To Hug Once More


I miss you. If I could only hug you once more…just once more.

So often heard is the voice of the grieving heart. So seldom realized are the last times; the last touch, the last words, the last smile, the last hug. So little time…so soon gone.

A memory bear can make a difference…

a chance to hug once more thru your tears.




Time Flies By

Mikes Bears - CopySeems like the older you get, the faster time flies by. We are nearing the end of September. Before we know it, Christmas will be here.

For those hoping to have that special memory bear (s) ready for the holiday season, I suggest you make your requests early. As you know, time flies by.

Something to Hug

DSCN0124 - Copy

There is no greater expression of affection than a hug. When there are no words, a hug says it all. You can tell someone you care, but when you hug them, there is no doubt. When a loved one is no longer here, we long for that hug. A memory bear created from your loved one’s clothing is something to hug while you remember.


A Chance to Get It Right


Awakening to a new day,
Another day of life is yours.
An opportunity to do or redo,
A chance to get it right.


One of the greatest and often unnecessary sufferings of grief is a creation of human nature called regret. You live your life, day by day, and hope to get it right. You try to do your best with the time you have and the schedule you need to keep.

When your day is over, you remember the phone call you didn’t make, the project you were reluctant to start, the bill you forgot to pay, the things to set right and perhaps, other good intentions that never happened today.

Getting everything done in a day can be a challenge. If you give it your best each day, that’s all you can do. If tomorrow is yours, you have another chance to get it right. Either way, do not regret, you did your best. God will resolve the rest.

Missing You

I never thought the time would end. I never gave thought to you not being here. I never considered this life without you. I thought you would always be here.

Missing you more than words can say.