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His Favorite Shirt

She came into the room, paused, and then picked up the small, soft bear from the corner of the couch. She held the bear close and spoke as if she were talking to a real person. The bear gave the appearance of a man’s red and black checkered flannel shirt. The way she held the bear was, as if she was holding someone dear to her. A tear fell from her eye as she gently kissed the bear.

Three months earlier, her husband of 55 years passed away. She remembers still, as she always will, her life-long love. This bear in her arms reminds her for he wears his favorite shirt. A tear flows silently down her cheek as she holds his memory close.


Like Our Childhood Teddy Bears

Memory Bears can help you through the pain of a loss.

They are ever present, waiting for you to “hold and hug” them as you remember.

We all had a teddy bear when we were growing up. The bear usually had a name and I don’t know about your “teddy”, but mine talked to me. Our bears were a constant companion that brought us smiles when we needed them and comfort when our small worlds were threatened.

Memory Bears are special bears and like our childhood teddy bears, are there to make us smile and bring us comfort. What’s so special about the Memory Bear is that it is made from the favorite clothing that your loved one wore.

The days and nights of our childhood were better because of our teddy bears…the days and nights of our grief are better because of our Memory Bears.

“May your memories linger always”

Remembering their Birthdays


Our son, Jon, would have been 54 today.




Our granddaughter, Jona, would have been 28



Each smile, a memory…

Each tear an I love you…

Each day how we miss you

Each memory, a smile.


“In the Darkest of Night, There is the Light of Day”

“In the darkest of night, there is the light of day.”

A line from a poem reminds me that no matter how dark and hopeless life can get, there is always a brighter day to come. The loss of a loved one is a very dark and difficult time. A time when it seems that morning will never come again. But, morning does come and we go on with our lives and as darkness gives way to the dawn, we remember.

Memory Bears are a good way to remember; they are there “to hold and hug”.

A Keepsake for Generations

Why Memory Bears? How will that help my grief? How is that going to replace my loved one? Bears are for little kids are they not. What would my friends think?

These are some of the questions and concerns regarding the use of a stuffed bear to remember someone by. These are some of the answers to those questions.

A stuffed bear is recognized as a child’s toy. If you have ever watched a child with a bear, you will see that the bear gets a lot of huggin’; a lot of lovin’. The instinct to hug does not end with childhood. A memory bear made from a loved one’s clothing will get a lot of huggin’; a lot of lovin’.  Memory Bears are very therapeutic with grief and loss.

A memory bear will not replace your loved one. Nothing or no one will. Memory bears only help you to remember as you hug that favorite shirt or dress, etc.

I have watched, over and over again, the moment when someone picks up their memory bear for the first time. The tear going down their cheek says it all as they, without hesitation, hold their bear close to them. I know, at that moment, their memory bear is going to get a lot of “huggin”; a lot of lovin’.

As far as what a friend thinks: if they are truly a friend, they will share the moment with you. You might even have to share your bear with them.

Memory Bears are there to “hold and hug”: a “keepsake” for generations to come.