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Death Is Not Something To Fear

When I started my Memory Bear ministry, I wasn’t sure how the blogs would work or be received. The nature of my ministry is something that we all encounter, yet no one wants to hear or talk about it.

Working as a Certified Hospice and Palliative Nursing Assistant, death and dying became a very real part of my thoughts and my life. I have found that education is needed about death and dying. Often, we don’t want to talk about what we don’t understand.

I create Memory Bears with love for families from the clothing of their deceased loved one. The bears are very therapeutic in the grieving process and become a keepsake to pass from one generation to the next. Memory Bears are a wonderful way to help preserve the memories of a loved one.

I am pleased to find that the blogs are being received in a very positive way. Each blog is designed to educate, inspire and share with you the reality of death and dying and the grieving process. With every hello, there will be a goodbye; and with every birth, there will eventually be a death. It is part of our earthly life.

During your journey in this life, I encourage you to appreciate each moment and each one in your life. Have faith in yourself and have faith in God.

If you do this, then death will not be something to fear, but accept as part of life.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me…”(Psalm 23:4)



A Sense of Presence

After the loss of a loved one, there is a sense of their presence with a familiar possession, place or article of clothing. You smile, recalling the memories of a time, a place; a moment when life was full of their presense.

Memories are important to preserve. Having a sense of presence of a departed loved one is essential to those memories.

A Memory Bear, made from your loved one’s favorite clothing, is a personal reminder that you can have “to hold and hug.”

May your memories linger always.

Made with Love and Concern

I am thankful for my experience as a Certified Hospice Nursing Assistant. Without it, I am not sure if I would be able to expose myself to all the pain and loss I hear when talking with a grieving family member.

When the idea of creating Memory Bears came to me, I wanted my focus to be personable as I prepared the clothing that would be used for their bear. Talking with the family as they share their grief and memories of the one they have lost makes all the difference. Then, the bear can be made with love and concern.

Memory Bears are to be personable as they are made from your loved one’s clothing. They will be there for you to “hold and hug” as you remember.

If you would like more information about Memory Bears for you or your family, call or email me. See “Contact Me” for details.

“May your memories linger always”


A Childhood Comfort


It doesn’t take much to threaten the comfort and security of a small child. A clasp of thunder or a bolt of lightning can send them to their father or mother. Though the storm continues, there is comfort to be found in a parent’s lap.

As adults, we tend to lose sight of a childhood fear, a “once upon a time” in our life. We are now the strong, the brave and our children come to us. We are the comfort for them. We are the parents.

When a loved one dies, we all need comfort. We find comfort through are family, our children and our friends. We find comfort in our memories. We wish we could hold them and hug them once more. We wish…

One of the ways to find some comfort, some outlet for the tendency to want to hug them once more is through a childhood object that brought much comfort to many children, a bear. A Memory Bear made from the loved one’s favorite clothing is a therapeutic comfort for children of all ages, a memory bear to hold and hug.

It’s All We Have

Life is fragile with limited time allotted each one. How much time…only God knows. We each have a free will. We can choose how we will live our life and what we will do with our time.

Time cannot be saved nor can it be put on hold and time is not sensitive to our wishes. Once time passes, it is gone forever. The seconds, minutes and hours of each day are all that we have. There is no promise of tomorrow, no guarantee that any of us will have more than this moment.

Think about this…what you say, do and think or what you don’t say, do or think in any given moment of the day is recorded in time and cannot be erased and the moment is gone forever.

What a great responsibility it is to have an allotment of time and a free will to choose how to spend that time. How precious is each second…of each minute…of each hour…of each day.

Don’t you think it’s very important to do our very best to get it right?

It’s all we have.