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The Comfort of a Memory Bear

DSCN1672Until you actually hold a Memory Bear, you will not experience the comfort it brings. Recently, I was talking with a mother who lost a son. I certainly could relate having also lost a son. We talked about getting through each day as best we could…the holidays being the hardest. We spoke of our grief…our pain.

I handed her a memory bear that I  have made from my husband’s favorite sweatshirt (pictured). She held the bear and shared how comforting it was. She could only imagine if the bear was made from her son’s clothing, how she could close her eyes and hold and hug the memory of her son each day…each night.

Our tendency is to hug, but hugging thin air does nothing for us. That’s where a memory bear comes in. They are 22 inches tall and soft for hugging. Their therapeutic value is beyond words for how do you put a lifetime of love into words…how do you express your feelings in a sentence or two. Only when you hold and hug your memory bear does the comfort begin.

Getting Through

You are doing well with your grief, then here comes Christmas. A flood of memories sweep over you and the strength you have seems inadequate for the days ahead.

For another, it has been several Christmas seasons since your loss. You somehow find the strength each year to make it through. Sometimes, it seems like you are growing distant to the sense of loss. You start to feel like you are forgetting.

Each one who suffers the loss of a loved one goes through the Christmas season with unique memories. Each grief is personal, yet each grief is the same in that someone close is gone. Each one has their own way of coping, of surviving.

As you remember your loved ones during these days of the Christmas season, remember, too, those around you who may need some help getting through.


A Sense of Presence

After the loss of a loved one, there is a sense of their presence with a familiar possession, place or article of clothing. You smile, recalling the memories of a time, a place; a moment when life was full of their presense.

Memories are important to preserve. Having a sense of presence of a departed loved one is essential to those memories.

A Memory Bear, made from your loved one’s favorite clothing, is a personal reminder that you can have “to hold and hug.”

May your memories linger always.




Hat pulled down,

Staring at the ground,

Walkin’ slow in the pouring rain.

Who do you love,

Who do you miss,

What are you thinkin’…



We never know of the sorrow in the people that we pass by. Heads head low; no eye contact; what are they thinking as they walk alone. Often we wonder, but never know. Maybe we could offer a thought, a prayer, a wish to heaven for them as we pass by. Maybe, if they glance up for one second, we can offer them a smile…a hope for today…for tomorrow. Maybe.

Reasons for Memory Bears


A young mother passes away leaving a husband and two children behind…

A mother or father are no longer here as they have been ones whole life…

A son or daughter is missing from the daily routine of a family…

A three year old drowns in a pool…a son takes his own life…

A brother or sister are gone too soon from us…


I could go on with the stories I hear from those families who call requesting a memory bear (s). The details in some cases are heartbreaking…the loss in every case is the beginning of grief. I am thankful that I can help with the bears.