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Unnecessary Regret

Regret is part of the grieving process. No one is perfect, so there will be some regret of omission or occurrence. Words spoken or withheld and actions taken or left undone can be a source of regret. All too often, some unnecessary regrets follow us around. If we are not perfect, how do we avoid them?

As a hospice team member, my suggestion is to make use of the time given. At the end of life, when the hospice team is assisting the patient and their family through the dying process, the advice given is to “say what needs to be said, to correct what needs to be corrected and to use the time remaining wisely.”

Throughout life, this same advice should be applied as much as possible. Taking life and togetherness for granted is the greatest cause of regret later. Why wait until the end of life setting to make things right? If it is a priority now, regrets later on will be minimal. It is “now” when we make the memories and regrets of tomorrow.


Helping Through the Pain

We all had a teddy bear when we were growing up. The bear usually had a name and I don’t know about your “teddy”, but mine talked to me. Our bears were a constant companion that brought us smiles when we needed them and comfort when our small worlds were threatened.

Memory Bears are special bears and like our childhood teddy bears, are there to make us smile and bring us comfort. What’s so special about the Memory Bear is that it is made from the favorite clothing that your loved one wore.

Memory Bears can help you through the pain of a loss. They are ever present, waiting for you to “hold and hug” them as you remember.

The days and nights of our childhood were all the better because of our teddy bears…the days and nights of our pain and grief can be all the better because of our Memory Bears.

Before It Is Too Late

Taking time and others for granted is easy to do. We don’t mean to, but everyday routine can slowly leads us into complacency. Sadly, what usually wakes us out of this state is absence. One day they are no longer there…time has run out. Maybe, we should wake ourselves up before it is too late.

On Life’s Journey


On life’s Journey

there is grief

because we love

and we hope

because of faith

0n life’s journey

Words and Actions


Actions speak louder than words.

When you say it, let your actions show it.