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Memories are what all of our yesterdays are filled with. Each morning is the beginning of a new day to do with as we will. Use this day wisely and create good memories that will soon belong to yesterday.

Requesting Memory Bears

When I started creating memory bears for families, little did I know at the time that I would soon be making bears for our son, Jon’s family. Personable took on a whole new meaning with his bears.

Because I consider this a ministry, the initial contact needs to be personable. That’s why I ask that the request be made by phone. This way, I have an opportunity to become more familiar with the loss and those who are left behind.

Requesting a memory bear (s) is accomplished by a single phone call to 815-419-5368. The number is also available on this website as well as other information about the bears. there is also a gallery that shows some of the memory bears created for families.

So Shall You Grieve

Every hello has a goodbye. Grief can be overwhelming; making it hard to think, to even breathe. Grief seems the enemy, yet it is only an expression of your love. For as you loved, so shall you grieve.

Beside the Still Waters

A place where you can find an inner peace; an escape from the storms of life; for each one there needs to be that place of renewal…a place beside the still waters.

He leads me beside the still waters.
He restores my soul;

from Psalm 23

The Dash

The “Dash” on a tombstone represents the life one lives.

The length of life doesn’t matter as much as the quality of life lived.