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Remembering This Memorial Day


Warriors From The Past


Misty morning veils the land,

Where brave young soldiers lay.

Windswept footprints disappear,

Never to be seen.


Silence is their mournful cry,

Victims of the foe.

Once they fought a valiant fight,

Now, shadows on the hill.


Shallow graves within they lie,

Peace for them at last.

With bowed heads remember them,

Warriors from the past.

That Will Make All The Difference

???????????????????????????????Sunrise! Another day to miss you, to remember. Somehow, I will make it through. Somehow, I will learn to live my life without you. I don’t want to, but I don’t have a choice. You are gone and I am here, but you are in my heart and that will make all the difference.

I Wish I had Listened

I wish I had listened to the stories my parents told when I was growing up. The stories of their life, their ancestors and heritage were common conversation, but, unfortunately, boring to most youngsters. My parents are gone now and their stories are gone with them. In fact, all the ancestors before me are gone. I thought I had all the time in the world, but time ran out.

Once, I was a “youth of forever,” now the oldest living member of my family. There is a saying, “You do miss the water until the well runs dry”, a cliche that rings true. I have questions and wonderment that will never be satisfied. Cherish and learn, while you can, the stories your older generation tells, before it’s too late.

Defining a Lifetime

We talk about a lifetime, yet its definition varies widely. A baby is born, then dies within the first week. A young child acquires cancer and dies at 8 years of age. A teenager is killed in a car wreck. A young man dies on a battlefield. A senior passes away at 100 years of age. So, how do we define a lifetime?

Perhaps, a lifetime isn’t meant to be defined, but rather lived. Whether it be one day or a 100 years, it varies with each. Perhaps, someday, it will all make sense. For now, it is for each one of us to live our lifetime…one day at a time.

We Smile as We Remember

Saying goodbye is like watching a ship sail away. The more you watch, the smaller the ship becomes until it is only a small dot on the horizon. Then, in a moment, the ship is gone and there’s only the meeting of the sky and the sea.

Goodbyes bring sadness and loneliness into our lives. We hold back the tears in order to appear brave for the moment. As the days pass, the sadness finds a place in our life. We adjust to the loss. We learn to smile through our tears and there comes a day when the tears are less. We smile as we remember.