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Call While You Can

Day by day, we live our lives. Routine sets in and our focus blurs. Well-meaning is there, but crippled by the daily grind. One day after another passes by.

Then death occurs. They were always there. Hadn’t talked in awhile, but they were always there. Now, they are gone. Wish I could talk to them, once more.

Life is fragile. It can change in the blink of an eye. Don’t get caught trying to call a number that is no longer in service. Use today wisely. Call while you can.


On Life’s Journey


On life’s Journey

there is grief

because we love

and we hope

because of faith

0n life’s journey

As You Remember

Memory Bears are personally created from your loved one’s clothing…

a tribute to the life and memory of the loved one no longer here…

there to hold and hug as you remember.

A Memory Bear Has Its Moments

The need to hug a loved one is still with us after they die. It might be an article of clothing that becomes the object of our hug, Memory Bears can be made from that article of clothing. When you have a squeezable, 22 inch memory bear nearby, hugging becomes more satisfying. Not near the same as having the loved one here, yet a memory bear, as the teddy bear of childhood, has its moments.

Give Me A Call

Have a question about memory bears? Give me a call. All requests start with a phone call. There is nothing like good old fashion communication.