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Today is that anticipated tomorrow you looked forward to.

Today is soon to be the yesterday that you will remember.

Life can only be lived one day at a time.

Now is when you can make a difference.



A Better Season

Winter’s Lament

Leaves blown by the chilling northern wind
rustle along the brown grass of winter.
The sky is grey with despair.
The isolating feeling of winter is here.

Gone are the lazy summer days
when a gentle warm breeze
would bring a smile to being alive.
Gone are the star filled nights
when crickets were in full concert.

Now, there is bleakness everywhere.
Soon, the snow-filled clouds
will spread a cold layer of white
to hide any trace of a better season.

Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved

Grieving is like the grey days and cold nights of winter. The warmth of being together is gone. Now, isolation surrounds you and there is only bleakness and despair. It seems that there is no end to this desolate season.

But, Spring and Summer will return and with a newness of life. You won’t forget the winds of winter, but your heart will find the warmth of a better season.

Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.

Psalm 30:5 from the New King James Version

What Would You Give?

What would you give to have one more day…one more hour…even on more minute with someone you care for? A question often spoken after  a loved one is no longer here; a frustrating thought after the time is gone.

Perhaps, if we ask the same question while we have the time…while they are still with us, then, perhaps, we will make better use of the time and opportunities we have now. What would you give for one more day…?

Carpe Diem


It has been known since time began…

Every beginning has an ending…every hello has a goodbye.

Tomorrow will soon be here and today will soon be yesterday.

Time waits for no one…seize the day while you can.


Walk in the Sunshine of Your Memories

A poet can put an image with a verse, or let the readers form their own. The poet’s words are like a brush in the artist’s hands, painting a picture for all to see. The writer creates through words, a story with fictional characters. Each reader will provide faces to each character as they read, even giving the character a voice.

We form pictures in our minds. When we hear a voice on the phone or radio, we subconsciously create a face for the voice. Given a blank in a sentence, we will fill it in, each one with our own idea.

Memories of voices and faces inhabit the sunshine fields in our minds, where it is eternal spring. Even less than happy memories are changed by the sunlight of time.

Focus on the good times, let the dark clouds roll away and walk in the sunshine of your memories, with the faces and the voices of yesterday.