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The word, “Aloha” is interesting for it says “hello” and also “goodbye”. As with every beginning, there is an end…so, too, with every “hello” there is a “goodbye”. It is so important make the most of the time between.


What if…


What if…

today were the day before I die.

Would it make a difference?

Would I worry about the things I do?

The plans I have in a week or two?

Would I take the time to spend

With my family and my friends?

Would I want to make the most

Of every moment that I can?…

What if?


Take Advantage of the Time

Take advantage of the time given…


The Neighbor

I prayed to have a neighbor,

A neighbor such as thee.

And if I had some extra time,

I’d come and visit thee.


These times find me so busy,

I’m sure you must be too.

Where is the time to visit,

The way neighbors used to do.


I find myself a running,

Each and every day.

I wish I had a moment,

To hear what you have to say.


If only we could visit,

I wish we had the time.

It would be nice to visit you,

And hear what’s on your mind.


Today’s the day I have the time,

To come and visit thee.

But in the paper I just read,

Your funeral is at three.


…don’t wait until it is too late.



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From an Album of Ages


As I walk along this familiar path,

Thoughts of you return to me.

How long it’s been since first we met,

Those days of newness, I can’t forget.


The summer love that warmed our hearts,

That first kiss in the pouring rain.

Embracing, vowing, ever to be,

Those days of love, I can’t forget.


As I walk along this familiar road,

I think about those dreams of long ago.

Pictures of us from an album of ages,

Flash through my mind filling the pages.