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As You Remember

A memory bear is always there to hold and hug as you remember.


Remembering their Birthdays


Our son, Jon, would have been 54 today.




Our granddaughter, Jona, would have been 28



Each smile, a memory…

Each tear an I love you…

Each day how we miss you

Each memory, a smile.


Time Is Not On Our Side

Contrary to the song, time is not on our side. In the blink of an eye, life as we know it can change and sometimes drastically. We plan for and believe tomorrow is ours. Maybe it is…maybe it isn’t.

It is important to take full advantage of the time we have…today…this moment. Regret happens when we fail to do or say what we can…now.

I am thinking of you today

think I’ll give you a call tomorrow

Don’t wait to make that phone call when there is no one to answer. Time is not on our side…no it isn’t. Your opportunity is today.

Life is Fragile

Life is fragile.

Yesterday is gone

Tomorrow is yet to be

Today is what we have

Life is fragile.

Jona  1992 – 2019

The Child from Then

I knew her once upon a time,
Some time ago, she comes to mind.
She was young, where has she been,
Could this be the child from then?
I saw the way she looked at me,
An aging woman for her to see.
Could it be I knew her when,
Could this be the child from then?


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