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The Child from Then

I knew her once upon a time,
Some time ago, she comes to mind.
She was young, where has she been,
Could this be the child from then?
I saw the way she looked at me,
An aging woman for her to see.
Could it be I knew her when,
Could this be the child from then?


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On Life’s Journey


On life’s Journey

there is grief

because we love

and we hope

because of faith

0n life’s journey

The Length of a Lifetime

In reading the obituaries: he was 85, she was 62, he was 43, she was 25, he was 22, she was nine and he never saw his first birthday. Every day, in every paper, the obituaries are there to read. They are a sober reminder of the shortness and uncertainty of this life we live. They are a record that someone lived.

Each one measures the length of a lifetime for the length varies, but the lifetime remains. Whether it is a day, a decade or a century, each one of us measures the length of a lifetime for it is our lifetime, our moment in time on this earth.

Till The Morning Light

Night brings a greater loneliness than I care to feel.

The memories of times past that can no longer be again.

Moments that seem so long ago, linger till the morning light.


Grieving can seem like an eternal night of loss. Yet, hold fast for the sun of tomorrow will shine  and you will once again smile as you remember.

weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning

Wishing Upon a Star

Have you ever wished upon a star? “Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight…” In those magical years as a child, wishing on a star and crossing your fingers and hoping with eyes shut tight were the avenues to making all your dreams come true.

Those magical, childhood years of firefly’s and midnight skies are always there in my memory, waiting for the little girl to come and visit when she can. Those quiet evenings of cricket sounds and starry skies will always be with me.

There are days when we all need to return to those magical times in our lives, those moments when all you felt was good. When life presents more than it seems you can bear, that is the time for a walk down memory lane to find, once more, those magical childhood days of summer. They are still there…waiting.