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Walk in the Sunshine of Your Memories

A poet can put an image with a verse, or let the readers form their own. The poet’s words are like a brush in the artist’s hands, painting a picture for all to see. The writer creates through words, a story with fictional characters. Each reader will provide faces to each character as they read, even giving the character a voice.

We form pictures in our minds. When we hear a voice on the phone or radio, we subconsciously create a face for the voice. Given a blank in a sentence, we will fill it in, each one with our own idea.

Memories of voices and faces inhabit the sunshine fields in our minds, where it is eternal spring. Even less than happy memories are changed by the sunlight of time.

Focus on the good times, let the dark clouds roll away and walk in the sunshine of your memories, with the faces and the voices of yesterday.





Just One More Minute


How precious is a minute?

Hear the plea, “Oh, for just one more minute.”

Words left unspoken…intentions left undone…

“Oh, for just one more minute.”

How precious is a minute?

So much more than we realize…

until it’s gone.


Not a Business, But a Ministry

The Bears above are for our son, you see.

We wish they didn’t exist, but death is a reality.

For a Memory Bear to be created, someone has to die.

That’s why, what I do is not a business, but a ministry.

Ministry of Love

“Death and the Dying” are with us every day. Two reality items in any newspaper are the birth and death announcements. We may not always be aware of either unless it affects us personally.

As we welcome someone into this life, we also say goodbye eventually. The goodbye generates the pain and grief of losing a loved one. In the world of death and the dying, there is a great need for assistance to find the way through the valley of death back to the living.

It is the purpose of this website to provide that assistance. The Memory Bears are a therapeutic tool made from the clothing of the deceased loved one. Information and contacts for requesting memory bears are in the categories at the top of this page.

Each day information, thoughts and suggestions are posted to assist anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one and is going through the grieving process. There are also valuable comments from those who are or have experienced grief.

The Best That You Can Do


With every hello, there is a goodbye.

With every beginning, there is an end.

The journey is short between the two.

Make each moment the best that you can do.