Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Memory Bear?

The uniqueness of a Memory Bear is that it is created from the clothing of your deceased loved one. The purpose of a Memory Bear is to provide you with a personal object that you can “hold and hug” while you remember.

Are Memory Bears suitable for small children?

Memory Bears are created in memory of a loved one. They are meant to be held and hugged, but are not designed to function as a toy.

What type of clothing is used to make a Memory Bear?

Most clothing can be used to make a Memory Bear. Remember, the stiffness and/or softness of each bear will depend upon the fabric provided.

I recommend you avoid clothing that is loose knit (sweaters), stretchy, silky (slippery), or thin with wear. If in doubt, let’s talk about it.

How much clothing will it take to make my Memory Bear?

Your Memory Bear can be made from any amount of clothing. They can be made entirely from one piece of clothing or from different articles of clothing to add variation and extra character to your Memory Bear. When you decide you want to request a memory bear, we will work out the details on the phone.

What’s inside a Memory Bear?

Memory Bears are stuffed a blend of 100% polyester fibers with a resilience that maintains its integrity through countless laundering. The fiber will not bunch and is non-allergenic.

 Can I wash my Memory Bear?

If you need to machine wash your Memory Bear, use a gentle setting with warm water, then air or tumble dry. If fiber shifts during this process, gently massage the Memory Bear with fingertips to move the fiber back into place.

How do I send materials?

Details for sending materials will be discussed when you call me. The clothing should be clean. If the clothing is stained, it may become part of your Memory Bear unless you ask that I work around the stain. Please be as specific as possible with your request to prevent any unnecessary delays. Every care and respect will be taken with the clothing you send me.

 How long will it take to make my Memory Bear(s)?

Memory Bears usually take between 3 – 4 weeks to complete. Large requests, especially those received during peak holiday seasons will take longer.

How will you ship my Memory Bear(s) to me?

Your Memory Bear (s) will be sent via UPS. I will call you when that occurs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Check or Money Order only. (see “Pricing”)

What is your privacy policy?

I will not share your personal or contact information with anyone.

How do I order a Memory Bear.

I like “requesting a Memory Bear” rather than “ordering a Memory Bear”. This is a ministry for me, so I want the entire process to be personal, not business. The only way to request a Memory Bear is to call me at 815-419-5368. This way we can develop a more personal interaction and make sure everything will be as you wish it to be.


If you are ready to request your Memory Bear(s)…go to

“Contact Me” or “Pricing” pages


3 responses to “FAQ

  1. Do you need sewing experience to make a Memory Bear if you are a Hospice Volunteer?

  2. Good information. Thanks for the FAQ’s.

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