The Phone Rings

The phone rings…the caller is requesting memory bears…the conversation begins…a loved one has passed away…a family is grieving. Each phone call is a priority. Each request is heartfelt. Each family is important. Another Memory Bear is created.

There Isn’t a Day

There isn’t a day that goes by without remembering. There isn’t a day that goes by without missing. There isn’t a day that goes by without a small ache inside. Grief, once upon us, is with us for our lifetime. As we loved, so shall we grieve.

Memory Bear Thoughts

A child leaves this world at 3 years of age, another at 11. A young mother dies at 23, another parent at 35. A man with the wrinkling of years passes away at 78, an elderly woman at 93. Several are lost in an explosion, in a shooting, in a fire.

The sun rises each morning and sets each evening. Life goes on each day and death is always present. Plans are made, yet life is uncertain. Today is fragile and tomorrow is only a hope. Now is the time for any of us…we have this moment.

Written to encourage the best use of this moment…

for it is all that is certain.

Once Upon A Time


A memory bear cannot replace your loved one, but will always be available for hugging as you close your eyes and remember, thru tears of love,  that “once upon a time“.


To Everything There is a Season

from Ecclesiastes chapter 3

A time to be born

to laugh

to love

to dance

to weep

to die

Life is fleeting as in the blink of an eye

time is precious

waste it not