The Value of a Hug


When there are no words, we hug.

When we need comfort, we hug.

When we are afraid, we hug.

When we are apart,

We wish we could hug.


A memory bear is always there to hug and hold, while we remember.



The Album of Your Life


The older you get, the more you reflect

Memories come to mind

those that bring a smile

sometimes a tear

and some that you regret

Memories are the album

of your life.


The “Goodbyes” of Life

With every “hello” there is a “goodbye”

Memory Bears by Bonnie

One doesn’t get too far in life before experiencing grief. As a child, we all said a tearful goodbye to a pet or felt the pain and loneliness that comes when a childhood friend moves away. These experiences come to us early in life.

As the years pass, we look back and remember those sad times as a child, knowing now that it was only the beginning of the “Goodbye’s” of life.

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Time Can Slip Away


There were times when I thought to call,

but didn’t.

Now I want to call,

but can’t

Be careful for time can slip away.


Words and Actions

In Hospice, I have been with many families through the loss of a loved one. I understand the emotional and spiritual impact a death brings.

I have witnessed families who lived their lives as best they could and when the end came, there was no regret, only sadness at parting.

I have witnessed families whose lives and interactions left a lot to be desired. At the end it only brought more sorrow and lots of regret.

Two observations…two extremes…somewhere in between, as close to the “no regret” observation as one can get, should be the goal to living and interacting.
“Words and actions…said or done should not be a harvest of regret later on