Denial Changes Nothing


One of the devices that “self” uses is denial. Where there is an unwillingness to accept, there is denial. To deny the reality of a situation is a choice. For the moment “self” is spared, but reality is waiting in the wings…for denial changes nothing. Reality is often not easy to accept, but it is the truth.



Don’t Miss the Dance


If you are afraid to lose, you will never win.

If you are afraid of death, you will never live.


So often in life, we cling to what is predictable, to what is comfortable. We don’t like surprises, we don’t like the unknown. We want to know the ending before we begin. We want assurances rather than risk.

In this life, there are many unknowns, many surprises along the way; to avoid them is to avoid living. Don’t let fear live your life. Live for today, love for today and have a hope for tomorrow.

Don’t miss the dance because of fear the music will stop.


A Key to Good Memories

Every relationship begins with a hello…every relationship ends with a goodbye. Our interactions with others in this life are what we make it by our choices. Treat others as we would like to be treated is a key to good memories.

Ministry of Love

“Death and the Dying” are with us every day. Two reality items in any newspaper are the birth and death announcements. We may not always be aware of either unless it affects us personally.

As we welcome someone into this life, we also say goodbye eventually. The goodbye generates the pain and grief of losing a loved one. In the world of death and the dying, there is a great need for assistance to find the way through the valley of death back to the living.

It is the purpose of this website to provide that assistance. The Memory Bears are a therapeutic tool made from the clothing of the deceased loved one. Information and contacts for requesting memory bears are in the categories at the top of this page.

Each day information, thoughts and suggestions are posted to assist anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one and is going through the grieving process. There are also valuable comments from those who are or have experienced grief.

Memories Are Made

These thoughts, these moments we call memories are of our own design. They are not provided for us…we make them by how we choose to spend the moments we have with others. There are no magic formulas, only the choices we make.