Joy Comes in the Morning

In the mist of a sunrise, there is hope.

Grieving is for the moment…

Weeping endures for the night…

Joy comes in the morning

Creating Our Memories

During our lives we accumulate many memories; some amusing, some sad. We talk about making memories; we keep scrapbooks and photo albums, we write in journals and diaries, constantly preserving our memories. Has it occurred to you that we have control over the outcome of our memories?

By the choice of our words, our actions and reactions and our attitude, we shape our memories. The memories we will have many years down life’s road are the memories we choose to create today. Even in the worse situation, we can choose our actions. Sometimes, we react before we can think. In those situations, we still have a choice. We can choose to apologize.

As we begin each day, let us be aware that we will be creating memories each step of the way. How those memories turn out, is up to each of us.


You can change a babies diaper, no matter how bad it gets, but yesterday’s memories will be unchangeable. Each day, our thoughts, words and actions create yesterday’s memories. Those memories, good or bad, are up to you.


Each Day

When someone you love dies, your emotions can go through all sorts of phases. “I can’t believe he/she is gone.” “How can I go on?” “This is too much for me.”

The darkness of death engulfs you. Thoughts flash through your mind. The pain of loss engulfs your body. The emptiness you feel is worse than anything you have ever known. You are numb with grief. You don’t think you can go on as the tears flow.

Eventually the pain subsides, the tears lessen and the emptiness doesn’t hurt so much. Each day brings you closer to the rest of your life without him or her.

You find your way, one day at a time. Each day you remember as you begin to smile through your tears. Each day you make your peace with this unwelcome event called death.

All We Have is Today

All we have is today. I’ve said it again and again. It’s so important to realize. We get a precious twenty-four hours each day, day after day, to do with, as we will.

There is no guarantee that we will even make it through those hours. Anything, at any time, could end our life, as we know it…anything, at anytime.

This doesn’t mean we should live in fear, but rather we should fear not living in such a way as to make each hour count…leaving nothing unsaid or undone.